The technology allows people to enjoy recreational nicotine without inhaling smoke, or the 4000+ chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is usually made up of three parts, a battery, an atomiser coil and a tank or pod. Or sometimes just one part when using a Disposable.


Most fixed voltage electronic cigarettes use a battery that supplies nominal voltage of around 3.7v. They come in many capacities (measured in mAh) and can be rechargeable or disposable, manually or automatic operated but in essence it’s just a battery. Some more advanced batteries are variable output meaning you can adjust the voltage of the battery thus adjust the wattage you vape at.

Atomiser Coil

An atomiser is simply a coil that heats the fluid to a temperature that when air is drawn though it, the liquid is transferred into a fine vapour that can be inhaled. There are many types of atomisers but all deliver the same basic function. That’s to change the fluid into an inhalant vapour. Coils need replacing every 10-14 days to keep the vapour fresh vibrant.


Basically a pod is a tiny tank more suited to MTL (mouth to lung) vaping or the use of Nicotine Salt. A pod can either have replaceable coils or sometime the pod and coil are 1 part and replaced together.


A Tank or Cartomiser is the part that hold the liquid and holds the Atomiser Coil. Most have a replaceable atomiser coils to save on the cost of replacing the whole unit when the coil fails.

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