Voopoo Drag 4 Kit


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Voopoo Drag 4 Kit.

DRAG 4, released by VOOPOO in 2022, is the fourth-generation MOD of the DRAG series. Continuing the refined design of DRAG series mods, DRAG 4 inherits classic natural resin and includes new timeless wood grain elements, each DRAG 4 is unique in appearance. Equipped with an ingenious leak-proof top airflow UFORCE-L Tank, DRAG 4 delivers the ultimate vaping enjoyment while being efficient leakage-proof. Over All legends, DRAG 4 is a classic and star mod with a professional and long-lasting performance that delivers the top vaping experience. Continuing and developing the classic DRAG MOD appearance, DRAG 4 is designed with zinc alloy, leather, solid wood elements, and natural resin. Each DRAG 4 is unique in appearance, demonstrating the uniqueness and noble temperament of each DRAG user. The upgraded leather makes the body more comfortable to grip and the holeless design enhances durability as it prevents the inside from dust. The C-shaped magnetic battery cover is easy to attach and remove and it could be closely connected with the mod even if the device is accidentally dropped, durable and fall-resistant. With the industry’s highest standard 5V/3A charging, DRAG 4 takes the waiting out of wanting and greatly lengthens vaping enjoyment. Under the ingenious energy-saving ECO mode, the battery life could also be increased by at least 10%, which greatly prolongs service time. The multi-function switch is available for users to define QS lock to lock wattage, to lock device, or to lock power at their will. Besides, the upgraded UI interface that separates the function keys enables users to avoid unintended ignition caused by mistaken touch, reassuring and energy-saving. The new TC mode accurately identifies the four commonly used heating wire materials, Ni200, Tl, SS316, and SS43, and then adjusts their temperature to the most recommended range, precisely meeting the specific need of DIY vapers.

Multiple Atomization Innovations Realize High-Quality Vaping

UFORCE – L TANK: UFORCE – L ATOMIZER is the VOOPOO FIRST PnP atomizer with three top air inlets. It balances the airflow directions and increases the airflow passthrough, making the airflow smoother and bringing users a rich and delicate taste. The top air inlets also ensure the pressure inside and outside the tank balanced so that the poorly atomized e-liquid and condensate could be firmly stored even when the device shakes heavily. 

Dual in One PnP Coil: As the heating wares are increased from two to three, the coil could effectively accelerate the heating speed and gather more heat in unit time, which greatly improves atomization efficiency. With this innovation, the coil could perfectly and fully atomize every e-liquid and perfectly delivers a rich flavor and delicate taste. Thus, the coil could save e-liquid consumption and reduce 10% power output. While, if the user chooses to vape with high wattage setting, he/she could get 20% more puffs..

Dynamic Switch, All For Creativity

The Dynamic Switch of DRAG M100S is one of the symbols of the VOOPOO devices with high output power range (≥60W). This switch is upgraded with the suppport of advanced technology and customizable. Users can alter the function based on their preferences and avoid igniting with button combination. They also can configure its functions such as locking wattage, locking device and locking power. DRAG M100S extends nicotine enjoyment and enhances the vaping power with the support of ECO Mode, which is always available. (Only when the battery is remaining 20%, the interface will automatically display the ECO Mode and the user can choose whether to enter or not. It has been tested that switching to ECO mode could extend the device’s service life by at least 10%.)


UFORCE-L TANK’s innovative 3-hole air inlet allows different sweet-flavored e-juice to deliver a balanced and sufficient airflow for each puff. Meanwhile, the top air inlet avoids condensate and e-liquid leakage effectively. The top air inlets ensure that the air pressure inside and outside is balanced. To provide a pleasing experience, even when it shakes heavily, the e-liquid and condensate can be securely stored. The 3 top air-inlet balances the airflow directions, to increase the efficiency of direct airflow for smoothness, and to provide a sufficient airflow for various e-liquid resolution. In addition, the PnP Dual in One coils have an improvement in atomization efficiency, perfectly and fully atomizing every e-liquid and delivering a rich flavor and delicate taste. Thus, the coil could save e-liquid consumption and reduce 10% power output. If the user chooses to vape with high wattage setting, vapers could get more than 25% puffs and keeps the consistent vaping experience. The triangular structure increases the concentration of airflow, bringing a more explosive and cloudy vaping experience.


UFORCE-L TANK is compatible with all PnP coils including RBA coils. By switching easily, you can enjoy a variety of fun and affordable vaping experiences.

Main Features:

  • New Generation GENE Chip
  • External Dual 18650 Battery (not Included)
  • Child-proof design on the cartridge
  • Original SCORE Ranking Mode
  • 5-177W Adjustable Power
  • Compatible with All PnP Coils

Physical Parameter:

Size: 52.4*25.4*89mm
Capacity: 2ml (TPD)
Battery: External Dual 18650 or (Not Included)
Power Range: 5-177W
Material: Leather + Zinc Alloy + Walnut / Leather Series: Leather + Zinc Alloy + Resin
Output Voltage: Max 8.5V
Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω
Charging voltage: 5V/3A


  • DRAG 4 Device
  • U-Force L Tank
  • PnP-TW20 0.2Ω Coil
  • PnP-TW15 0.15Ω Coil
  • Spare Glass and Seals
  • Battery Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Type-C Cable


Please read the user manual carefully before using this device.

If you’re looking for replacement PnP Coils please click here.

If you would like to visit the official Voopoo website for more detailed information please click here.


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